Seneschal: Lady Helga Gunnarsdottir
Reeve: Lady Matthild de Lilburne
Marshal: Lord Aelfgar
Constable: Tomasi Waqavesi
Chirurgeon: Kate Stanley
Webminister: Lady Isabel de Beaumont
Master of Archers: Lord Francesco Arcarius

Now seeking the next Seneschal of Strathcorbie

Update: This position is now ‘In Commentary’. THANK YOU to all those who expressed interest in the role of Seneschal of Strathcorbie. We have one applicant for the role and the Kingdom Seneschal is now seeking commentary on the candidate: Dylan of Strathcorbie. If you have comments or concerns to express regarding the candidate, please send them to by the end of Thursday, July 8th so that the Kingdom Seneschal can review them before making her final decision.

This an opportunity to make a difference, and to guide the direction of Strathcorbie’s growth and administration.
Lady Helga is looking to step down as Seneschal and therefore the Kingdom Seneschal is actively seeking applications for her replacement. This two-year office is a broad and varied role, more diverse than the official description suggests.

The Seneschal is a group’s chief administrative officer and, among other things:

  • Serves as the principal mundane legal representative of the SCA within the group.
  • Receives reports from all other group officers on the status of their office.
  • Makes such reports as are required to the Kingdom Seneschal.
  • Has the final say on which events the group sponsors, and is the final authority for each event steward if problems or concerns arise.
  • Promotes the smooth running and continued growth of the group, its offices, and its events.

Words from the outgoing Seneschal:
It’s been an absolute honor to be trusted with steering the ship over the last couple of sometimes turbulent years, with much patient course correction from our more experienced members. If you’re involved with the group, you’ll be well aware of the fabulously supportive team we have.
You may not think that you are the right person for this job, but neither did I! You might just surprise yourself. It’s a great way to get to know the wider Society and how it all functions, meet people and take an active role in developing your group.
If you would like to know more about the job, or to discuss how you see yourself taking it forward, I – or indeed the Kingdom Seneschal would love to hear from you.

For more general information about the role, see:

Please send your applications by 16 June 2021 to with courtesy copies to